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Garment labels

Beautiful, high quality sew in garment labels with care and content details, fire and age warnings, CE labelling, size tabs.
All bespoke made.
Just send us your enquiry and we will try our very best to turn your ideas into labels.

Our customers range from top design houses to home crafters, so don't be shy, we love to work with everyone.

School name labels

Try the self design tool for making your name labels, great fun to sit down with the kids and let them design their own labels

Label Creator

Create your own individually styled label by entering the name that will appear on the label and style it with our range of logos, fonts and colours.

Stage 1 : Choose a label type

Stage 2 : Choose your logo

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Stage 3 : Choose your colour

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Stage 4 : Style your text

Type the name for the label

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Stage 5 : Preview your design

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Stage 6 : Order your label

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